Workshops with Mollie Stone


Mollie gives workshops on South African choral music at universities, high  schools, junior high schools, community choirs, and children's choirs  across the country.  

In her workshops, Mollie teaches a number of songs with instruction  in vocal tone, pronunciation, and movement, while providing an  understanding of the music's historical and social context.   

Workshops are a great educational opportunity for choirs, both in  terms of learning about another culture's music, and in understanding  how music can be directly connected to political and social change.

Workshops are always tailored to the individual needs of a choir.

Learning Leadership: Lessons from a Pop-Up Choir

What can business learn from music? The University of Chicago Booth School of Business hired Mollie Stone, Choral Director and Lecturer at the University of Chicago, and Village Harmony co-director Patty Cuyler to create a pop-up choir to find out. In three hours, forty students, faculty, and  staff learned to sing together and performed for a live audience. In  this documentary film, Harry L. Davis (Roger L. and Rachel M. Goetz  Distinguished Service Professor of Creative Management) and Mollie discuss the leadership lessons they learned.

Leadership through Choral Music - Part 2

Leadership through Choral Music - Part 3

Leadership through Choral Music - Trailer