Meet Mollie Stone

Singing Workshops

Mollie  Stone gives workshops on South African choral music at universities,  schools, children's choirs and community choirs across the country. Participants will have the chance to learn  songs in different South African languages, and explore a range of  traditional folk songs, political songs, religious songs, and songs  about the current struggle against HIV / AIDS in South Africa.

Teaching Book/DVD-USB drive projects

We  created the Vela Vela and Raising the Bar Book/DVDs—now with the addition of USB thumb drives with audio & video files—as teaching tools to help musicians perform black  South African choral music more authentically. 

There is a wealth of material on these three DVDS for choirs. Viewers can hear each song performed, learn the individual  voice-parts, dance movements, pronunciation, and background information from South African singers. There are also interviews in which South African singers talk about the power of music in their lives. 

Contact me

To arrange for me to come lead a workshop for your choir, email me at